//Farmer’s Bash Launch 2019

Farmer’s Bash Launch 2019

2019-10-18T10:48:51+00:00April 2nd, 2019|

The 2019 Farmer’s Bash Launch Event took place at the SSE Arena on Tuesday 2nd April, with Downtown Country broadcasting live from the event with headliners Derek Ryan and Johnny Brady in attendance.

Ireland’s Biggest Country Dance is back for its THIRD YEAR IN A ROW for 2019

A sell-out of 9000 country music fans descended last year on the iconic SSE Arena building in Belfast, for the hugely successful second annual Farmers Bash – and this year, Ireland’s Biggest Country Dance is back, bigger than ever on Friday 11th October 2019.

The atmosphere at the SSE Arena will once again be exhilarating for Irish country music fans, as the announced line-up for 2019 does not disappoint. Derek Ryan, Mike Denver, Cliona Hagan and Johnny Brady will take to the stage in front of another predicted sold-out crowd.

Joining this fantastic line-up are the much-anticipated ‘special guests’ – this year will include The Wurzels, best known for their Number 1 hit ‘The Combine Harvester’, who are sure to have the country crowd all on their feet. Plus, ‘Global Internet Sensations’ Steve N Seagulls.

A brainchild of promoters Nigel Campbell and LSFX Productions supremo Darren Gardiner, both no strangers to running large-scale events, the Farmer’s Bash was to some considered a gamble. But taking ‘country’ away from the local community hall and marquees for one night has evidently paid off, with the Farmer’s Bash now being referred to as the “watershed moment” for the Irish country music scene and community.

Raising the bar for country shows, the Farmer’s Bash is now a firm favourite on the map in Belfast for thousands of country fans. So much was the experience and feel good about the event that the country–cousin city slickers turned out in their thousands to give the boys from the country a run for their money on the dance floor; many even wearing the custom garb of check shirt, stone-washed denim and tan boots.

A promise in 2018 given to fans was to increase the sheer scale of the event production for 2019. Some could ask, how could it get any bigger than the Artists arriving on stage from above, and below, and Swedish band Rednex performing ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’? However, promoters have indeed guaranteed that this year’s production will be like no other, with many surprises in store.

The third Farmer’s Bash will take place on Friday 11th October and will feature cream of the Irish country music scene; Derek Ryan, Mike Denver, Cliona Hagan and Johnny Brady, with special guests The Wurzels and Steve N Seagulls.

“Let’s sing, let’s dance and let’s make the 2019 Farmer’s Bash the best ever!”

Tickets for the Farmers Bash are on sale now via Ticketmaster, and from the SSE Arena website: https://www.ssearenabelfast.com/farmers-bash-2019-sse-arena-belfast