Label Services

Want to reap the benefits of being signed to a major label? Between us, we've spent over 30 years in the recording industry, having worked with at the world's biggest record labels and recording artists. We offer traditional record label services in distribution, marketing, promotion and everything in between!


At Rising PR, we can get your music heard on all major streaming platforms and online stores through our boutique distribution service. Stay independent, while getting all the benefits of a major label, all while retaining more of the royalty.

We invest in your music to make sure it reaches the audience it deserves. Label services are crucial and included for every artist that we distribute.



Rising PR's specialist promotional campaigns ensure your music is heard on radio stations, read about in press outlets and viewed on TV channels. Through our database of media contacts we ensure your product gets the exposure it deserves. 


Want advice or to forge a plan of attack for an upcoming release?Rising PR offer 1-1 mentorship packages and advise on all things music, from release scheduling, promotion, festival and gig booking and social media management. 

Radio Tracking

Want to find out exactly where your song is getting played? Rising PR's radio monitoring service helps you pinpoint the radio stations and TV channels playing your latest release.

Digital Health Checks

Our team will use our industry experience to check your artist social media and online stores. We will provide bespoke feedback on how to reach your full potential with a release.


Releasing music is about more than just a song. We use expertise from playlisting and press promotions to optimise your track’s metadata and ensure the best chance of discovery on Spotify and Apple Music.

Pre-Save Campaigns

We will create pre-save links to your new release for you to share on social media. Fans will be there from the start for the best possible impact on release day.


We work with artists we believe in. Submit your music below and our team will be in touch.

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