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'All Folk'd Up' at Dublin's Tradfest

Rising PR are proud to have showcased Irish folk-rock group All Folk'd Up at this years annual Temple Bar Tradfest. The band impressed a room full of international festival bookers, embassy staff, journalists and promoters.

Irish Echo review: One new green band partaking in the trend is All Folk’d Up. This young group of men is making the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem cool again. They take the old folk songs that wowed audiences in 1950s and ’60s. America and bring them straight forward into 2020. With great vocals, whistles, and energy, the band is able to add their own touches to old favorites, and they often do so with a bluegrass rhythm or rock beat. All Folk’d Up like to surprise their audience: starting with a traditional song like “The Mermaid” or “Go Lassie Go” they’ll reinvent it half way through the set, shifting into upbeat rhythms that literally revitalize the tradition. Most interestingly, a song called “Love Me Now,” from the band’s second, 2016 album, is a true fusion of genres and ideas. Lively and catchy, the song is both rock hit and Americana anthem, touting a bluegrass rhythm executed through traditional Irish instruments.

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