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The Logues Are Comin’ Of Age

Co. Tyrone band, The Logues, have recently launched their new album, ‘Comin’ Of Age’, at Mid-Ulster’s newest music Venue, Lanyon Hall. The album, a mix of covers and originals, marks their tenth year together as band.

The new album flits between raucous folk-punk (Absence Makes the Heart Grows Fonder, Bless the Land), more traditional fare (Logan’s Lament), to the bluegrass tinged singer-songwriter style of Better Man and Drinkin’ With God;all displaying lyricist Logan Mc Cool’s gift for a turn of phrase and the bands now fully blossomed musicianship.

In their ten years together the band has earned a reputation as one of the best live bands in the country, with regular sojourns to festival across the UK, Europe, Dubai and in 2107, North America. Comin’ of Age is their first album since 2011’s self-released Tough at the Bottom.

Singer and Guitarist Kiel Cathers says of the album, “Dolly Parton once wrote Jolene and I Will Always Love You in one day. In light of that information, its kind of embarrassing that this will be only our second album in ten years. I bet Dolly Parton never wrote a song based on the mispronunciation of the name of a brand of Dutch rolling tobacco, though (Yvonne John). Yes, Comin’ of Age has been a long time coming, but we genuinely feel like the title is appropriate.”

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